We are so pleased to inform you that we no longer do psychic readings or healings. Instead, we are only following the teaching of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to give you the best service guided by the Holy Spirit. We now focus on Deliverance Ministries and Healing through the Holy Spirit. In the near future we will be offering counseling by accredited psychologist.

Simply choose an extension and you will be directed to a spiritual adviser who will be able to assist you. We live in a spiritual warfare and We are here to help you in all areas of your life.

Are you feeling run down and as if though nothing is working in your life, do you feel you have no luck, do you feel as if though you are always alone, with no where to turn, are there things in your heart you need to release? We are here for you.

Your first 5 min are free, please note after your first 5 min are over you will be charged for 30 min, so please make sure to stay on the line for 30 min, to get all the benefit of your call. If you have any questions please text the customer service line and someone will call you back.

May God bless you and keep you in his Care Amen!

Simply click on the “available” Adviser you would like to speak to or

call 1-800-213-0988 and enter the extension number of your “Available” Adviser. All calls are set up for 35 min, your first 5 min are free! We send you much love and joy!

 Special Promotion – Your 1st 5 Minutes FREE and only $1.49/Minute thereafter (Limited time Offer). This is an amazing deal! Take advantage now! 

(see Prices page for full details)


Call Toll Free 1-800-213-0988 to talk to an “Ordained Minister” Now!



$2.99/Min.  **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion* ** *** Ext: 47




 $2.99 Min.     **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**  Ext: 24  





$3.99/Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion  Ext: 38  





$1.99 Min. **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion 

 Ext: 43





$2.99 Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min. Special Promotion**

  Ext: 30





$2.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min. Special Promotion**  

 Ext: 23





$1.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion

 Ext: 19  





$2.99 Min.   **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**   






$3.99 Min.       **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promtion** 

 Ext: 16






$1.99 Min.       **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

 Ext: 41






 See “Prices” page for complete breakdown of Pricing!


If you would like a staff recommendation, contact Ext: 10 for Customer Service!


 We Accept all Major Debit and Credit Cards


We Are looking For Ordained Ministers ! click the contact us page!

For entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 or older to utilize our services.