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Joy - Ext: 38

Joy – Ext: 38                “Angel Channeler”

$3.99/Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**Staff Recommended!  Joy – As a certified Angel Channel Reader, I strive to receive information that is timely and relevant so each soul may more confidently step into their authentic divinity to walk their highest and easiest path.  I’ve been gifted to heal through Usui, Karuna, Crystal, and Shamanic Drumming Reiki.  I have activated the healing energy of LaHoChi and Sai Maa Diksha.  It’s an honor to inspire and encourage others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. Let me assist you with your journey. Angelic Blessings!  Ext: 38  



Luz - Ext: 43 "Clear Channel"

Luz – Ext: 43
“Clear Accurate Angelic Channel”

$1.99 Min. **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion **Staff Recommended!  Luz – I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, with the natural gifts of Claircognizance and Empathy.  I’m a keen listener, compassionate, committed and spiritually guided by a very clear connection to the Angelic Realm.  I am also an Akashic Records Consultant and a FaQi Si (Qi Gong energy balancing).  Let’s connect with your Angels to help you gain the insight, clarity and answers you are seeking, to help you make the decisions that will serve for your Greater and Higher Good. I’m your clear channel for guidance!

 Ext: 43



Rose - Ext: 24 Commune with Spirit!

Rose – Ext: 24 Commune with Spirit!

 $2.99 Min.     **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**Read my BLOG Staff Recommended!

Rose – is a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Intuitive Reader. She leads inspirational classes, inspiring positive energy, love ,peace, and joy into many lives. From a young age her path had led her to be a healer, a comforter, a being of love. She  has lived her passion everyday in every way for many years. She continues to be a advocate of the practice of communicating our thoughts, our energy, and our feelings to understand our power to transform our lives. Her path has been one of being an  empath and of communicating with celestial beings of Light. A life of feeling , knowing and healing people. Her life is dedicated  to being one of service, as a teacher, a friend, a pupil, a joyous being of light. In her words: My  wish is to be there for you as a non judgemental listener with unconditional love and the  healing powers from the mother, father, the Creator of all that is.  Ext: 24  


Sassy - Ext: 30 Angel Whisperer

Sassy – Ext: 30
Angel Whisperer

$2.99 Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min. Special Promotion**  Staff Recommended! Sassy – Being a third generation Psychic, Medium, Empath and Healer, I truly love helping people and being a channel for them to connect with their Angels and past loved ones even their pets. This brings me much joy and warms my heart. I am a certified Ushi Reiki Master, Tibetan Reiki Master, Chakra Reiki Master and also a Certified Angel reader. I have worked in these fields and Energy since I was 18 yrs old. I am excited and thrilled to help you by delivering accurate and loving messages.

 Ext: 30



Delila - Ext: 23 Spirit Communicator!

Delila – Ext: 23 Spirit Communicator!

$2.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min. Special Promotion**  Staff Recommended! Delila– Clairvoyant since birth, Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Angel Channel Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader, Medium and Clairaudient. What does all this mean? It means I can convey the Angels messages for you no matter where on life’s journey you may find yourself to be. Know it is with a grateful and humble heart that I do what I do for the highest good of all.  Angel Blessings!  Ext: 23




Sapphire - Ext: 34 "Gifted Healer"

Sapphire – Ext: 34
“Gifted Healer”

$2.99/Min.   **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion** Staff Recommended! Read my BLOG!

 Sapphire – is a gifted healer and Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudiant Medium. A Minister, CHT Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Tibetan and Hawaiian Healing Arts, Ho’Oponono and many more combined healing modalities to bring balance and wholeness into your life. 

 Ext: 34



Gracie - Ext: 17

Gracie – Ext: 17    “Open Hearted”

$3.99 Min      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**Staff Recommended! Gracie – Deeply connected to my intuition. Natural Medium since childhood.  Spiritually guided to the Angelic relm.  Great Listener and compassionate. Reiki practitioner trained to access the Akashic Records and certified Angel Channel Reader. I am ready to open my heart and mind to you.  I will listen to you and share your angels’ messages with you.  Just reach out!  Ext: 17




Jacob – Ext: 19   Here to Serve you!

$1.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**Staff Recommended! Jacob – a Kabbalah student for 11 years, Reiki Master and certified Angel Healer.  I use my in-depth knowledge of Kabbalah to not only connect with Angels for the purpose of helping you to discover your truth but also to introduce you to your own Angel. I am here to help facilitate that communication to allow for a deep and profound connection that is not blocked by the ego. You will have a clear answer to whatever you need guidance on. I will give you back hope and help you to see the Light within the Darkness.  Ext: 19  


 Gabrielle - Ext: 39 "A True Witness Heals Souls"

Gabrielle – Ext: 39
“A True Witness Heals Souls”

$2.99 Min.   **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**  Staff Recommended!  Gabrielle – experienced clairvoyant, natural healer who is a certified angel channel reader.  Channels angel prayers through telepathy and clairaudience.  With a connection to the divine and an established experience of true angel encounters.  Specializes in life coaching, spiritual guidance and other difficult situations. Miracles do happen, happiness exists and love always prevails!  Ext:39




Astara – Ext: 16 Angel Counselor!

$3.99 Min.       **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion** Staff Recommended! Astara– Psychic, Intuitive and Emphatic abilities since the age of 12. Natural ability to communicate with animals and natural affinity for Numerology. I am very patient, loving and kind and have much life experience, allowing me to naturally empathize with many situations.  It is my true passion to help, guide and counsel others in need.  Ext: 16





Angelina-Sofia - Ext: 41 Keen Insight

Angelina-Sofia – Ext: 41 Keen Insight

$1.99 Min.       **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**Staff Recommended!

Angelina-Sofia –  I’m a caring and compassionate individual with gifted psychic abilities and a keen sense of knowing. A Certified Angel card reader and  Medical intuitive. I’m continuously studying metaphysics to increase my abilities. I’m  ready, willing and able to serve you in whatever way you desire. You won’t be disappointed!

 Ext: 41








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