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Gabriel St. James – Ext: 47 “Sacred space for Angel messages”

Gabriel St. James – Ext 47:

One Gloomy Night!

When I was very young, I began to have feelings of being an alien or stranger in this world. I suppose that was, in part, do to the behavior of the people around me. My father was quite a heavy drinker at that time, and there seemed to be a lot of discord in my family’s life. I thought it strange that adults, or, even human beings, would treat one another in such a brusque manner at times. This feeling was amplified when I started school and began to encounter the playground bullies and name callers. I always felt a deep sorrow when I saw people around me acting in such hurtful ways; and that hurt was always accompanied by a strange thought that this was not the way that people acted in the home I had before I came into this world. I never quite understood or knew what that home was, but on  a soul level I missed it greatly. Life played out in its usual dramas for a number of years, until I was about 12 years old. I remember one gloomy November evening after school, I sat on my bed talking to God and asked him to show me some sign of hope, some sign that there was a greater love than what I was seeing in this very flawed world around me. I remember saying this prayer as I looked up into the cloudy dismal sky; when suddenly a bright light appeared in the twilight and a girl descended from the clouds with wings on her back like an angel. I was startled, even a bit scared and nervous. she hovered outside my bedroom window and asked permission to enter the room where I was. I recall noticing that her lips didn’t move, but I could hear her voice loud and clear in my mind. After a few moments, I finally gave her permission to enter the room, and she stepped through the window at the foot of my bed like a specter passing through a solid object. The moment she was in my presence, I felt like I had known her longer than I had been alive. She seems so familiar and the love radiating from her was something I had never experienced before. This girl, turned out to be my guardian angel. Her name is Sara, and she has been with me ever since. The manifestation of Sara in my life has opened me up to the angelic realm, and I feel so blessed to have my heavenly family and friends around me at all times. All of us can tap into this greater love brought to us by the angels. I am not a special person, nor am I more gifted than the next man or woman. We are all spiritual beings and this is our divine birthright. I just consider myself very fortunate that on that gray, November day, a higher power heard my prayer and sent an angel into my life.




Rose - Ext: 24 Commune with Spirit!

Rose – Ext: 24 Commune with Spirit!


Rose – Ext 24: 

I have 3 stories to share with you from my experiences:

1) My Earth Angel at Macy’s Herald Square, NYC: I had been working as a free lance product demonstrator years go in Macy’s Herald Sq., New York City. I had recently ended a romantic relationship & had questions whether or not I was right in doing so. It really bothered me because this person had lived right next door to me & we were not only physically & emotionally connected but spiritually as well. My mind & heart was going over & over the same question all day.Suddenly, as I was looking into the crowd explaining the product, an old man’s face appeared. With his piercing Blue eyes he looked into my eyes, nose to nose and said the answer to my question. His eyes went right to my soul! It happened in an instant & then he was gone.!!! Where did he go so quickly??? Where did he come from??? I ran around my table to follow him but he disappeared just like that as if he wasn’t there at all!! I then turned to a co-worker to ask if she had seen the old man that was just in front of me.??? She said no! It was then that I realized that he was an Angel who visited me in human form to tell me what I needed to hear. I can still remember what he had said to me .” You are Right in your decision, My Child.” “Remember, You Are Loved! “I give thanks everyday for that blue-eyed angel. It was truly comforting to know that we are watched over & loved.
Angel Story #2) In speaking with the Angels I have always found it easy to just think of them or call their names. Then would be a sudden calm with their presence but I never thought it possible to receive an answer with a material object as a reply until now! I was a Trade Show Model & Sales Representative for 25 years in New York City & Las Vegas. This time I had been working 3 shows back to back with no days off for 21 days.I was exhausted and disheartened with the sexual harassment from these male dominated companies that i had contracted. In my time, sexual harassment was the usual in this kind of workplace. So nothing was said otherwise you had the chance of losing the account.
Like so many of us models I was feeling unloved & unappreciated for the work I was performing. I ran into the ladies room & closed the bathroom stall . I stood there looking up & started to cried out to my angels…(luckily I was alone) I cried “Do you love me?Why am I not appreciated? Show me why??? Over & over I cried. I stopped when this calm came over me like a cool breeze. I then realized I had been away too long so started to compose myself. I turned to open the bathroom stall door & looked down my feet and saw something glistening so bent down to pick it up! A 14k gold rope braided ladies bracelet with an engraved heart saying “You Are Loved” I couldn’t believe my eyes!! They had answered my cries with a gold bracelet that fit me perfectly!! I was amazed & thanked my angels. I was certainly blessed with the answer on that day and still have that bracelet today.
Angel Story #3). This Angel experience is relatively recent. After leaving New York City, a year after 911 and being told by my angels that I would meet my second husband in Florida. So I decided to go to Florida rather than Las Vegas where I had been looking to buy a condo. Needless to say the angels were right! just two weeks after moving into a rental complex I met my husband to be, however, I had three steady boyfriends from New York. Each one took turns flying down on the weekends to help me with the move. So when the “new Guy” asked me out I was always busy. I couldn’t help it!! However, he was patient and when I finally had some free time we met in the parking lot of Lowes’. It was love at first sight and 9 months later he asked me to marry him. So yes, the angels told me I would meet him but that’s not the story. In between those busy weekends I was very lonely except for my Toy Fox Terrier, Faith, who went with me everywhere. I was lost & felt disoriented & missed my girlfriends. While wandering around in a Goodwill store just to do something that day I was sad…. And heard a voice say to me “Look for something Pink” I said Pink??? It said Pink! A Pink what I asked??? It replied “Pink!!” So I started looking at furniture and blouses and lamps and books. Then suddenly sitting on the shelf between the books
was a little bean bag “Pink’ teddy bear! So I grabbed it thinking could this be it?? The pink bear had a bow around his neck which read….”You Are Loved” “Your Guardian Angel” I couldn’t believe it! Once again the angels had sent me a material item..Since then I have been receiving things from my angels on a regular basis and it still amazes me. We are all truly Loved!! Oh, my husband ,Bill & I have been married nine years this coming May. So have Faith And “Ask Your Angels”
With Love, Light, Joy, and Many Angel Blessings! Rose


Divine Justice - Ext 45 "Mystical Angel Healer"

Divine Justice – Ext 45
“Mystical Angel Healer”

 Divine Justice – Ext:45 
 My Spiritual Experience

I first began having spiritual experience around the age of 7. At night I use to see light orbs or little fairy like beams of light floating around on the doors and on my clothes. However, I had no clue what I was viewing at that age. Then around the age of 11, I began hearing soft whispers calling my name and light touches on my fingertips early in the AM. I simply ignored it as I thought I was going crazy or something was wrong with me. It continued for some years every once in a blue moon and I would get déjà vu often and then it stopped. Then around the age 17, a really close friend of mind died instantly in a car accident. I was supposed to be with that friend on that day and I stayed home. Well, the next week after his funeral I saw him in a spirit form sitting on the other couch staring at me. I must admit, it was frightening because I knew he was dead, but he never said a word just a look of sadness in his eyes and he vanished. After that moment, I became clairsentient and could feel the emotions of others frequently.

Once again, I tried my best to ignore these experiences and in my 20’s it started again, but with primitive dreams and OBE (out of body experiences) with-out knowing I was projecting out of my body until a very skilled and gifted spiritual adviser informed me about this. I would project mostly within our earthy realm and could see what a specific loved one was doing-remote viewing that lived on the other-side of the globe. I could see them, but they could not see me as I was flying and floating. 

My spiritual awakening break-through; I had a really bad injury and injured my head and spine.  At this point I was in so much pain and I didn’t think I had the strength to continue anymore. Well, I did thanks to an encounter with an Angel I changed my perspective.  The Angel came to me during my weakest
moment. I was in bed suffering from the widespread pain I was enduring, and in my head I asked if there are a such thing as Angels then where are you when I need you as I cannot go on any longer. That very moment the Angel spoke to me in the most beautiful voice. The Angel’s voice was so beautiful it sound as if he was singing and talking at the same time with a soft British sounding accent.  He advised me he was my guardian Angel and never left my side. He assured me that he has been with me every single moment of my life. 

I must say, this was the most Amazing moment of my life and he brought joy to my heart and peace to mind. From that moment on, Angels sent me all kinds of messages to help with my healing process pertaining to health, nutrition, friends, family and through dreams, OBE (Astral projection) Numbers, Signs, and etc.. Angels can help you, but you have to be ready to receive the help and sometimes that comes with change. 

Divine Justice

Ariel - EXT: 46 "Loving, Healing Guidance"

Ariel – EXT: 46
“Loving, Healing Guidance”

Ariel – Ext:46 

 I love experiencing the little things that remind me that the Angels *are* there.
They are usually simple things – I was channeling with a friend over the phone once, and I noticed that when I brought through her Angelic Guide, that he always smiled a lopsided smile, and I could feel it in one side of my face as I smiled with him while channeling.  I mentioned to my friend that I loved how unique her Guide was, and she said, “Yes, and you can feel his smile in one cheek!”  We confirmed that we both felt it on the right side.  It was a sweet revelation of a genuine connection that we both
experienced.  It’s nice to have that confirmation of the truth of the Angels’ existence now and then, to remember that yes, your Spiritual Guides are *real*, and they are there for you.
I will also always remember my first two major contacts.  As a child I wanted to talk to Jesus.  I was so serious about it.  Yet, when I finally heard his answer, I was pleasantly surprised to discover his warmth and sense of humor.  He made me laugh and warmed my heart.  Years later, as an adult, I tried to make contact with another beloved Guide.  He heard me and responded almost audibly with the words, “I AM always with you, Sweetie.”  Such sweet confirmations… I share them so that you can catch some of the warmth and feel how genuine I am in saying that we *are* all guided by the
Divine.  Sometimes the world gets confusing, and our great task is to always return to Trust in a Higher Power.  Our Angels can help us.  All we need to do is turn to them, and keep our attention on them, and on the Divine.  Then, the Divine can bless us and we can begin to live an elevated life of love, self-knowledge and purpose.  It’s what we’re meant to do.
Many, many blessings to you,




Sapphire - Ext: 34 "Gifted Healer"

Sapphire – Ext: 34
“Gifted Healer”

 Sapphire – Ext: 34
 Many Gifts

 I am excited to share with you my many gifts that I was born with and have recently heightened my abilities throughout the years. I have had the gift of sight mostly of the soul that have passes on the other side since I was young. I have been able to see energies and work with them my whole life. I recently advanced my gifts recently in the last 5 years working with Shaman’s and Kahuna’s from Hawaii the Native American Tribes.

I was in an unfortunate accident when I was 19, having died in the ambulance I was sent back with even more gifts. I was transported if you may to a meadow and on the hill I saw there were 3 angels pointing to turn around. I did at that moment I was back in my body feeling the horrific pain of the accident and fully aware of what had just happened. After that I could communicate with the angels and have ever since.

 I had another near death in 2009 after hemorrhaging to death, at that time I was taken back and given a choice to stay or go, I was touched by Jesus himself in the heart center upon this touch my heart exploded with LOVE. With this touch I was told to come back and help humankind and if I strayed off my path I would be redirected. To this day, my Dr. said I was the ghost that came back to life, of all his patients I was the one he expected would be the worse of the 5 and ended up being the better of the 5. I had a 50 % chance of survival and had no bowl sounds for 3 days. In those 3 days I experienced many things and then was touched and healed better than ever. I came back for my sons and for you! So here I am ready to serve you, and to tell you life is beautiful and so are you!

I look forward to sharing your gifts, and purpose with the World through my channel.

I have had many miracles in life and am here to tell you they are real, don’t ever give up you are supported and help is only a phone call away.  Blessings of love and light.


Athena - Ext: 31 Need of insight and guidance? Message from Angels,Guides and Loved ones.

Athena – Ext: 31
Message from Angels, Guides and Loved ones!



Athena – Ext: 31:

I have had many Angelic experiences.
The one that has changed my life was in 2002. ( Before I even new what the word Medium meant)
During my sleep, I would be awaken by hearing my name being called out loud. After awhile I starting asking question. When I went back to sleep, I got answers to my questions. I knew they were Angels, I could feel it, I asked them and they showed them self to me. They told me of the important work I was going to do, as a Medium!
El - Ext: 27 Divinely Guided!

El – Ext: 27        Divinely Guided!

El – Ext: 27
Shortly after graduating Tulane with my Masters in Social Work I bought a house and settled down there.  One day while leaving my job with my boss an old man in rags slowly walked over to us and barely whispered something to my boss, who replied though i could not hear him. The man then slowly walked away. “what did he say” I asked
“He asked if this was the place you get the free food and I said no” He replied.
I ran after the man, “Sir” I said “please come with me I will get you some food.”
I drove to the supermarket and asked him to wait a minute while I ran in for just a couple of items as I was having guests that night and it would be great if he could be one as well and enjoy a home cooked meal.
” You needn’t buy more for me, I don’t know if I will be a guest your friends want to see or smell and I have not had any food for three days, my stomach is shrunk, I will not be able to eat much.”
I assured him it would be fine.  On the drive to my house after shopping I gave him the change.
” just in case I forget, here is some change in case you should need a little.  It was only eight dollars, I had a feeling he would refuse if it was much more, he reluctantly put it in his pocket.
I had most of the dinner already prepared, I put the rest in the oven and cooked him an egg as he requested.  He told me his name was Cornelius and that long before he had been rich because he invented an object that made millions.  He said he had a wife and several children. “What happened to you” I asked. ” I was not good enough for them, my family deserved better, I had a problem and had to leave” was all he would tell me.  He was much younger than he looked, his clothes were dirty and torn and when my friends arrived they were not at all pleased he was there.
I asked if he wanted to go upstairs and clean up that he could have the bedroom near ours.  He said he could no longer climb stairs and would rather me help him find a shelter in the city.
I called around and there was one closing at nine.  I asked him if he wanted to go there, that they said they would take care of him and then find him work, he agreed. and I set up the movie room for my guests and left them all there as I hurried to drive him to the shelter. On our way there I tried to persuade him to let me call his family, but he refused. We arrived just as they were about to lock up.  Wait! I screamed and lead him to the gate.  I promised I would call in the morning and he smiled thanking me.
The next day when I asked for him they said “You must mean Mr Neil Gray, the man who came in before we locked the gates and disappeared shortly after.” What are you talking about.  I brought him there last night his name was Cornelius I saw him go in.” Yes said the man and “there was no way he could of left, but somehow he disappeared.  He signed in as Neil Grey had tea, went to his designated room to sleep and in the morning before the gates were unlocked we went to wake all for breakfast and he was gone.”
That was the time I met an angel.
Bre - Ext: 12

Bre – Ext: 12    Blessed Readings!          

 Bre – Ext: 12
 I would like to say that when ever I’m going through anything and I go outside..What do I see to make me feel better and know that everything is going to be OK. It is Butterflies and Dragonflies…I know that it is my message from my Angels and the Universe ..