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Sassy - Ext: 30 Angel Whisperer

Sassy – Ext: 30
Angel Whisperer

$2.99 Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min. Special Promotion**  Staff Recommended!

Sassy – Being a third generation Psychic, Medium, Empath and Healer, I truly love helping people and being a channel for them to connect with their Angels and past loved ones even their pets. This brings me much joy and warms my heart. I am a certified Ushi Reiki Master, Tibetan Reiki Master, Chakra Reiki Master and also a Certified Angel reader. I have worked in these fields and Energy since I was 18 yrs old. I am excited and thrilled to help you by delivering accurate and loving messages.
 Ext: 30




Elizabeth - Ext: 37

Elizabeth – Ext: 37
“Psychic Medium”

$2.99/Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Elizabeth – I am a professional natural born psychic medium, mystic, certified “Angel Channel Communicator,” Certified in: “Soul Coach,” Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Intention Tuner (working with Violet Flame Energy), and a Hospice Volunteer. I’ve been working with the spirit world for 30 years.  I work with high accuracy, connecting clients with their loved ones, angels, guides and pets. The first communication I remembers is at the age of four. I communicate what is revealed to me, with high integrity and empathy.

 Ext: 37



Gracie - Ext: 17

Gracie – Ext: 17     “Open Hearted!”  


$3.99 Min     **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Gracie – Deeply connected to my intuition. Natural Medium since childhood.  Spiritually guided to the Angelic relm.  Great Listener and compassionate. Reiki practitioner trained to access the Akashic Records and certified Angel Channel Reader. I am ready to open my heart and mind to you.  I will listen to you and share your angels’ messages with you.  Just reach out!
 Ext: 17




Merlin - Ext: 44 Here's to the Magic of Your Future!

Merlin – Ext: 44
Here’s to the Magic of Your Future!

$2.99 Min.  **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

 Merlin – I am a fourth generation Psychic Intuit. Certified in both Angel Reading & Mediumship. Utilizing my own uniquely devised method of tarot incorporating Channeling, Intuition, Empathy and Healing. As a child with clairvoyant dreams and perceptions, my gift to speak to Spirit Guides and Angels was revealed to me, along with an innate wisdom to motivate, guide, and empower others. Let us uncover the path toward your future success – in love, family, business, finances, inspiration- call me for guidance.
 Ext: 44

Athena - Ext: 31 Need of insight and guidance? Message from Angels,Guides and Loved ones.

Athena – Ext: 31
“Insightful and Guided”

$1.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Athena – I am a Psychic Medium, Intuitive and have Emphatic abilities since the age of 12. I have a natural ability to communicate with Animals. I am a certified Angel Channel Reader, certified Angel card Reader and trained to access the Akashic Records. My Guides, Angels and YOUR loved ones, give me information to bring you reassurance and comfort and help you to discover your truth! I’ll assist you on your journey by answering your questions and concerns through spirit. I will tell you what I hear, see and feel. It will always be of a positive nature. It is my true passion to help assist you with your journey along the pathway of your life. 
 Ext: 31





Sapphire - Ext: 34

Sapphire – Ext: 34
“Gifted Healer”

$1.99 Min.    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Sapphire – is a gifted Healer and Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudiant Medium. A Minister, CHT Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Tibetan and Hawaiian Healing Arts, Ho’Oponono and many more combined healing modalities to bring balance and wholeness into your life. 
 Ext: 34







Rachel - Ext: 28

Rachel – Ext: 28    “Divine Messenger”

$2.99 Min. *Se Habla Espanol*    **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.   Special Promotion**

Rachel – a gifted intuitive and energy healer. I am also a Certified Angel Channel Reader, Certified Angel DNA Health Practitioner, Master Reiki, and Munay-Ki Instructor. In addition, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Ancient Wisdom Massage Practitioner, and I integrate all that knowledge in my Shamanic work. I have a mission that is to serve as a vehicle and messenger of the Divine, to bring love, light, compassion and happiness to everyone.
 Ext: 28





Hope - Ext 18 Angel of Hope!

Hope – Ext 18 Angel of Hope!


$1.99 Min.     **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Hope – Certified Angel  Channel Reader and  Medium. I combine my caring,  positive and holistic coaching style to encourage you to see beyond your logical  mind  and  connect  to your soul.  I easily connect to  the  angels  and  spiritual teachers  to  pick  up on what is important in individual situations and in  leading you to a state of empowerment and self  control.
 Ext: 18




Delila - Ext: 23 Spirit Communicator!

Delila – Ext: 23 Spirit Communicator!

$2.99 Min.        **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Delila– Clairvoyant since birth, Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Angel Channel Reader, Certified Angel Card Reader, Medium and Clairaudient. What does all this mean? It means I can convey the Angels messages for you no matter where on life’s journey you may find yourself to be. Know it is with a grateful and humble heart that I do what I do for the highest good of all involved. Angel Blessings!
 Ext: 23






Grace - Ext: 11 Beyond Accurate!

Grace – Ext: 11 Beyond Accurate!


$3.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Grace – Born a natural Animal Communicator and psychic. Certified and gifted in other areas such as Crystals, Candles, Angel DNA Practitioner®, Angel Channel Reader, Mediumship, Reiki II Practitioner, Intuitive Coaching and Crystal Astrology.
 Ext: 11





Bre - Blessed Readings! Ext: 12

Bre – Blessed Readings! Ext: 12


$1.99 Min.      **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Bre – Experienced Clairvoyant, Remote Viewing, Reiki I & II Master,  Certified Angel DNA Health Practitioner®, Medium and also an Angel Channel Reader.  Call me for a blessed reading. Be Blessed Always! feel the Angels blessings!
 Ext: 12






Starlight - Ext: 32 Angel Communicator!

Starlight – Ext: 32 Angel Communicator!


$2.99 Min.     **5 minutes Free & $1.49/Min.  Special Promotion**

Starlight – Angel and Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Empathic, Clairaudient, Psychic Medium, Certified Angel Channel Reader, Certified Angel Healer Practitioner™, Certified Angel DNA Health Practitioner® and Certified Reiki Master. I will answer your questions with the assistance of your angels. Please call me to get answers regarding your love life, finances, life purpose and other questions. Your Angels will bring you loving messages, guidance and clarity.
 Ext: 32





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