What is a Healing?



Here at Angels Hotline you will be able to receive a Healing when you need it. Every Adviser who will assist in the healing process is Certified as a Reiki Master or a “Angel DNA Health Practitioner®”, some might be Certified as both.

Healing is only provided for upon request. Unless you ask for a healing the advisers will only give you a reading. A healing does not have to take long.

“Angel DNA Healing” is a combination of Angel Communication/Healing, and Theta Healing.  It is a holistic healing technique which directly addresses your subconscious mind and will fix the things that are not working for you. It is an extraordinary new technique that allows for immediate physical and emotional transformation and healing.

Be ready to experience some huge transformations in your life. Most find after receiving this healing, their life starts to change and their relationships start to change for the better. You will also be surprised to find that once you do this healing on yourself it helps those around you, family and friends, those you are close to receive a healing on some level as well.

This healing goes one step further than theta healing alone; it is by far one of the most powerful healing methods known to man, and one that will benefit you beyond words.

Take your first step to improving your life in every area of your being.