Why are children so psychic

Do you ever wonder why children are so in tune with so many things outside of everything else, they seem to know what is going on and are so very sensitive to energies, I believes its because they have no filters that are stopping them from seeing what is going on. They are constantly living in the now, they have no frame of judgment or disbelieve.

They seem to believe most of what you tell them. This also works to there advantage when it comes to believing in things they can not see. There imagination runs wild and free, they can be and do anything they want in there minds.  As we get older we seem to loose that, we become more aware of reality or what we think is reality is anyway. I find that we make our own reality in our minds  and what we believe. Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow keep this six sense with  us in our growing age. The truth is we do have it, all we have to do is develop that muscle so it does not die out and keep it alive. We can mediate everyday to keep our third eye active and running at its maximal function. In addition you can be like a child again and learn to live it the moment, the more we do this, the more intuitive we will be. Do you ever think or wonder about angels, if they are real or if they work with you. When you start opening yourself up you will discover just like children do that there are so many possibilities out there all you have to do it believe!