How to call on your Angels

It has been said many of times that Angels are here to protect us and guide us in every area of our life, all we have to do is ask for help. Our Angels are here for us every breathing moment. We can align our energy to connect with our divine Angels. In this article you will find ways to connect and to have a closer relationship with your Angels.

What are Angels, angels are real spirit beings created by God, angles are holy messengers of God. We can call on them at any moment of need. I find that the best relationship we can have with our angels, is to connect with them daily. The same way we would with a friend or family member. The more we connect the stronger our relationship becomes.

Our angels are real and its important to believe in angels. Do you remember when you were a child, life seem more magical, mystical, and you believed in almost anything unseen. Well its time to go to that place again, to believe in magic, to believe in all things unseen.

The world of make- believe is real, we can make- believe anything we want, we are strong creators or our universe. We create our own realities. We have the power and all the tools we need to create greatness in our life, and our angels can become a big part of it and help us get there along the way.

What steps can we take to create goodness in our life and have a stronger connection with our angels? We can elevate our energy, we can become more angel like. How do we do that?, I believe we are always evolving and learning, and the fist step to become more angel like, is to remove all lower dense energy. Lower dense energy is anything that is holding us back from love.

It is important to remove any guilt that might be holding us back from believing we deserve great things. The best way to align our energy to connect with our angels, is to discover all those things that are not serving us. All lower energy vibration that is holding us
back from our divine gift, prosperity and well- being. Love and forgiveness for ourselves and then others is the first step.

How do you forgive yourself or others without compromising beliefs or values. When we forgive another it does not mean we are in agreement with what was done, it only means we are not willing to suffer anymore, we are not willing to bear the consequence of getting sick from it. I believe that mental health will heal us to physical health. Ask your angels to assist you in having love and forgiveness in your heart, for all those who have hurt you or have done you wrong. We are all children of God and have God within us. We all have goodness, holiness regardless of preserved notions.

Here is a prayer you can use or use your own:

Divine Angels come by my side assist me in forgiving myself and all those who I believe have done me wrong. Open my heart to forgive all wrong doing I believe I have done to myself and others, free me from guilt and shame. I open my heart to love again for myself and others. I love you, I appreciate you and I love myself, I am holy, I am pure and only allow goodness in my life.

Feel this energy of love all around you as you say this prayer, keep repeating it until you feel a peace in your heart. Rest assure your angels will be with you and hear you when you say this prayer.

Now that you are in a loving place, find a spot in your home where you will connect with them daily, or anytime you want to connect. Create a sacred altar in your home, it can be in your mind or you can create it, you can light a candle if you like or imagine a candle, and start to speak to your angels the way you would speak to me. Tell them all your concerns and thoughts and what you need help with. They have no limitations, ask and you shall receive.

Here they are:

Archangel Michael: Angel of Protection, his name means “He who is like God.”

Archangel Raphael: Angel of Healing, his name means ” Divine Healer.”

Archangel Gabriel: Angel of Messenger, his name means ” Strength in God.”

Archangel Chammuel: Angel of Tolerance, Adoration and Love, his name means ” He who sees God.”

Your angels celebrate every time you need them, they are very joyful to be helping out. They are omnipresent, so they can be many places at the same time.

I send you much love and joy from my heart to yours, and may all your footsteps be prayers. A Million Blessings and more! Elsa J. Stokes,

Elsa J. Stokes, has always been connected to her Angels since she was a young child, she was born extremely intuitive, She was born with the gift of prophecy and knows her responsibility with this gift,.

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