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Why are children so Intuitive

Do you ever wonder why children are so in tune with so many things outside of everything else, they seem to know what is going on and are so very sensitive to energies, I believes its because they have no filters that are stopping them from seeing what is going on. They are constantly living in the now, they have no frame of judgment or disbelieve.

They seem to believe most of what you tell them. This also works to there advantage when it comes to believing in things they can not see. There imagination runs wild and free, they can be and do anything they want in there minds.  As we get older we seem to loose that, we become more aware of reality or what we think is reality is anyway. I find that we make our own reality in our minds  and what we believe. Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow keep this six sense with  us in our growing age. The truth is we do have it, all we have to do is to ask God to help us hear his voice and we can ask him for all the gifts that he has in store for us. We can mediate everyday on God read the Bible and listen to Christian songs..  In addition you can be like a child again and learn to live in the moment, the more we do this, the more intuitive we will be. Do you ever think or wonder about angels, if they are real or if they work with you. When you start opening yourself up you will discover just like children do that there are so many possibilities out there all you have to do it believe!



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Angels are Beings of Love & Light

Angels are spectacular Beings of Light who choose to connect with us people. The Angels assist us on our Earthly Journey in addition to in our wider Spiritual Trip.
We are all Spirits, nevertheless we as Individuals have actually decided to incarnate in an earthly body. We are Spirits having a human experience; not people having a Spiritual experience.

Everybody has a Guardian Angel

All of us have a Guardian Angel in addition to Spirit Guides. The Spirit Guides are more detailed to us people in vibration, have really made it through in the world in human kind prior to, and hence are well certified to assist us on a more ordinary level.

The Angels have in fact generally never ever incarnated in a body and bring an actually high vibration. The Angels and Archangels assist us with the higher Spiritual elements of our lives in many dimensions.They help us in our Expanded Spiritual Journey; and in times of difficulty they are constantly there for us.

Ask the Angels for Help When You Needed It!

If you feel scared and unsure, bear in mind to ask your Angels for help! They are constantly with you, waiting to aid you on your Life’s trip. The Law of Free choice nevertheless, considers it is usually necessary that you request their aid. Know that your Angels generally continue to be with you throughout your whole lifetime and work together with your spirit introductions of direct and protect you.

The Energy of the Archangels and the Angels is very focused on the Earth at this present time for we as Humans, and the Earth itself are going through quick and extensive adjustments. Archangel Michael, is the Main Guardian and Protector of World Earth and the Enforcer of Teaching and Divine Justice. This is his message to us at this time; “Employ Me when all else has really failed. I will right away relate to you, cover my wings around you, and surround you with the Golden Light of Unconditional Love. Do not distress for the Angels are ever with you and there is regularly assist at hand. Bear in mind that you are Never-ceasing Spirits and the Earthly Journey, a simple experience that you decided to experience.”.

Bear in mind to request help when you need it. The Angels enjoy you with a deep and abiding Love so strong that we on the planet can hardly picture it!

The Angels and Archangels are the Guardians of Divine Law and they try to find to prevent injustice and concern, for these feelings avoid us from raising our vibration, and keep us in the common.
Work with the Angels and Archangels in your darkest minutes and they will quickly be there for you!
Employ the Angels and Archangels in your minutes of biggest Pleasure and send them your Love and Thankfulness, for these are the best and most efficient feelings; and if practiced together with forgiveness and empathy, they can assist making this world precisely what is suggested to be– Heaven in the world!

Angels are all over! Search for them in spectacular places in nature, in the sky, in the clouds, in the sun and within all people you encounter! Look especially thoroughly within the faces of those who challenge you; for they are the special angels who help you to grow and change, to reach your complete capability.

Get in touch with your Angels Now, go to for more information. We send you lots of true blessings and love!

How to call on your Angels

It has been said many of times that Angels are here to protect us and guide us in every area of our life, all we have to do is ask for help. Our Angels are here for us every breathing moment. We can align our energy to connect with our divine Angels. In this article you will find ways to connect and to have a closer relationship with your Angels.

What are Angels, angels are real spirit beings created by God, angles are holy messengers of God. We can call on them at any moment of need. I find that the best relationship we can have with our angels, is to connect with them daily. The same way we would with a friend or family member. The more we connect the stronger our relationship becomes.

Our angels are real and its important to believe in angels. Do you remember when you were a child, life seem more magical, mystical, and you believed in almost anything unseen. Well its time to go to that place again, to believe in magic, to believe in all things unseen.

The world of make- believe is real, we can make- believe anything we want, we are strong creators or our universe. We create our own realities. We have the power and all the tools we need to create greatness in our life, and our angels can become a big part of it and help us get there along the way.

What steps can we take to create goodness in our life and have a stronger connection with our angels? We can elevate our energy, we can become more angel like. How do we do that?, I believe we are always evolving and learning, and the fist step to become more angel like, is to remove all lower dense energy. Lower dense energy is anything that is holding us back from love.

It is important to remove any guilt that might be holding us back from believing we deserve great things. The best way to align our energy to connect with our angels, is to discover all those things that are not serving us. All lower energy vibration that is holding us
back from our divine gift, prosperity and well- being. Love and forgiveness for ourselves and then others is the first step.

How do you forgive yourself or others without compromising beliefs or values. When we forgive another it does not mean we are in agreement with what was done, it only means we are not willing to suffer anymore, we are not willing to bear the consequence of getting sick from it. I believe that mental health will heal us to physical health. Ask your angels to assist you in having love and forgiveness in your heart, for all those who have hurt you or have done you wrong. We are all children of God and have God within us. We all have goodness, holiness regardless of preserved notions.

Here is a prayer you can use or use your own:

Divine Angels come by my side assist me in forgiving myself and all those who I believe have done me wrong. Open my heart to forgive all wrong doing I believe I have done to myself and others, free me from guilt and shame. I open my heart to love again for myself and others. I love you, I appreciate you and I love myself, I am holy, I am pure and only allow goodness in my life.

Feel this energy of love all around you as you say this prayer, keep repeating it until you feel a peace in your heart. Rest assure your angels will be with you and hear you when you say this prayer.

Now that you are in a loving place, find a spot in your home where you will connect with them daily, or anytime you want to connect. Create a sacred altar in your home, it can be in your mind or you can create it, you can light a candle if you like or imagine a candle, and start to speak to your angels the way you would speak to me. Tell them all your concerns and thoughts and what you need help with. They have no limitations, ask and you shall receive.

Here they are:

Archangel Michael: Angel of Protection, his name means “He who is like God.”

Archangel Raphael: Angel of Healing, his name means ” Divine Healer.”

Archangel Gabriel: Angel of Messenger, his name means ” Strength in God.”

Archangel Chammuel: Angel of Tolerance, Adoration and Love, his name means ” He who sees God.”

Your angels celebrate every time you need them, they are very joyful to be helping out. They are omnipresent, so they can be many places at the same time.

I send you much love and joy from my heart to yours, and may all your footsteps be prayers. A Million Blessings and more! Elsa J. Stokes,

Elsa J. Stokes, has always been connected to her Angels since she was a young child, she was born extremely intuitive, She was born with the gift of prophecy and knows her responsibility with this gift,.

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What happens when I die?

Everyone wants to know what will happen when we die, is there such a thing as life after death?, what will I experience. We are born and never really think about death or we do everything we can not to think about it. Alot of us have so many fears that we are so scared to even think about death. We are taught that there is a heaven and that if we are  good and lucky we will go there.  I can tell you first hand that I did die and came back to life. In 1992 I was rushed to the hospital to find out that I had a tumor a size of a newborn baby. The  fascinating thing was that no one could detect it, the cat scan or MRI could not find anything and no one including the doctors could  figure out why my stomach looked like I was 9 months pregnant and why I was screaming with pain.

I ended up feeling hopeless for an answer for hours. I was born extremely intuitive and have always had the gift of prophecy. I always knew what would happen to me before it did. Most of my days was filled with an understanding and a vision of what I saw the day before. If you can imagine seeing your life on a screen before you and knowing exactly what will happen to you  tomorrow and I mean every tomorrow. As detailed as who you would meet, the clothes they were wearing and every word they said and the exact time it was suppose to be said, everything was lined up to the T and nothing was altered. I learned to live this way and believed it was normal. So nothing could prepare me for my near death experience this part of my life was not revealed to me only bits and pieces that came along the way that led up to it.

As I told you before the Doctors at the hospital could not figure out what was wrong with me and they simply suggested I take a painkiller and some strong antibiotics and they would check on me in the morning. Well my Dad was very intuitive as well and did not feel comfortable with this decision. He decided to call our family Doctor on the emergency line and ask that he come to the hospital for a second opinion. Thank God he did, this very nice family Doctor told the Staff on board, cut her up immediately or she will not last till morning. He was right,  turns out I was only 3 hours from death.

While in the operating room I could hear the doctor and the nurses talking I tried to talk but I could not. I wanted them to know they did not put me out. All the sudden I saw my spirit left my body. I went into the waiting room where my family was sick with worry and tried to talk and touch my Mom and she could not hear me or feel me.. and within minutes I felt a strong pull upward as if though I was flying, my spirit went through a beautiful white light and I experienced the most intense love I could ever think possible, I saw a hand reach out for me, seems like it was coming from heaven, I could see at a distance my deceased loved ones waiting to greet me. This beautiful light touched my hand, I looked and saw an image of  a bright angel, she asked me are you ready to come home, I looked down and could see my family at the hospital and I could see my body cut up open in the operating room. I looked up at the angel and said no I am not ready can I go back, I am not ready I want to do so much more here.  She looked at me and said of course, tell others of us and let them know they are safe and they have choices. I said I  sure will.

The next thing I remembered was waking up to a nurse showing me a picture of me cut open and showing me the size of my tumor and how what I had was so unusual, how my ovary had twisted and was covered with blood that is why no one could see it when scanning my body. She also said no one knew how I made it because I lost so much blood and at the last minute they were able to get extra blood for me like a miracle she said. I knew the miracle had taken place when I meet my angel and she gave me a choice to come back. I always believed in angels and have always been connected to them since birth. But now my understanding of them and how they can help has reached to a different level. I am devoted to teaching others how incredible they truly are. I connect with my angels daily and can not image my life without them. If you want to read all about the experience and learn more about angels I channeled a book called  “ Dare to be Limitless when the Angels take  your hand‘ by Elsa Stokes. I can assure you, you will love this book not because I wrote it but because the Angels wrote it within three months now that alone is impressive. You too can connect with your divine angels and get all the answers to your questions. I have also created safe and loving place where you can receive deliverance Ministry . and I send you warm love from my heart we also have a prayer line on our hotline for any and all prayers. Many blessing to you and your and make your every tomorrow as wonderful as you!


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Wanting more out of live!


Do you ever feel like wanting more out of life, do you find yourself in a rut sometimes feeling you do not know where to turn next. You try so hard to get out of your head but no matter how hard you try, you can never find time to just quiet the mind. It has been scientifically proven that if you take some time each day to quiet the mind,  you will find more peace, and serenity in your world.  Your life will flow better, and if you want to raise that up a notch then all you have to do is call on your divine angels to come and help you with every area in your life.

Your angels are always there for you all  you have to do is ask for help. They are so pleased to come to your aid.

There are certain angels you can call on with specific things in your life, if you want to find something that you are lost call on Archangel Chammuel , if you want more creativity call on Archangel Gabriel, Call on Archangel Michael for all areas of your life for protection. To learn more about your divine angels get the book you will not be able to put down, ” Dare to be limitless when the Angels take your hand you can find this at you can also call to get a private message from your divine angels. All Angel Advisers have been Certified and tested. DareToBeLimitlessfullcover-2-955-72

No matter what is going on with your life you are sure to enhance and make a better life for yourself with the help and guidance or your loving angels.