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What happens when I die?

Everyone wants to know what will happen when we die, is there such a thing as life after death?, what will I experience. We are born and never really think about death or we do everything we can not to think about it. Alot of us have so many fears that we are so scared to even think about death. We are taught that there is a heaven and that if we are  good and lucky we will go there.  I can tell you first hand that I did die and came back to life. In 1992 I was rushed to the hospital to find out that I had a tumor a size of a newborn baby. The  fascinating thing was that no one could detect it, the cat scan or MRI could not find anything and no one including the doctors could  figure out why my stomach looked like I was 9 months pregnant and why I was screaming with pain.

I ended up feeling hopeless for an answer for hours. I was born extremely intuitive and have always had the gift of prophecy. I always knew what would happen to me before it did. Most of my days was filled with an understanding and a vision of what I saw the day before. If you can imagine seeing your life on a screen before you and knowing exactly what will happen to you  tomorrow and I mean every tomorrow. As detailed as who you would meet, the clothes they were wearing and every word they said and the exact time it was suppose to be said, everything was lined up to the T and nothing was altered. I learned to live this way and believed it was normal. So nothing could prepare me for my near death experience this part of my life was not revealed to me only bits and pieces that came along the way that led up to it.

As I told you before the Doctors at the hospital could not figure out what was wrong with me and they simply suggested I take a painkiller and some strong antibiotics and they would check on me in the morning. Well my Dad was very intuitive as well and did not feel comfortable with this decision. He decided to call our family Doctor on the emergency line and ask that he come to the hospital for a second opinion. Thank God he did, this very nice family Doctor told the Staff on board, cut her up immediately or she will not last till morning. He was right,  turns out I was only 3 hours from death.

While in the operating room I could hear the doctor and the nurses talking I tried to talk but I could not. I wanted them to know they did not put me out. All the sudden I saw my spirit left my body. I went into the waiting room where my family was sick with worry and tried to talk and touch my Mom and she could not hear me or feel me.. and within minutes I felt a strong pull upward as if though I was flying, my spirit went through a beautiful white light and I experienced the most intense love I could ever think possible, I saw a hand reach out for me, seems like it was coming from heaven, I could see at a distance my deceased loved ones waiting to greet me. This beautiful light touched my hand, I looked and saw an image of  a bright angel, she asked me are you ready to come home, I looked down and could see my family at the hospital and I could see my body cut up open in the operating room. I looked up at the angel and said no I am not ready can I go back, I am not ready I want to do so much more here.  She looked at me and said of course, tell others of us and let them know they are safe and they have choices. I said I  sure will.

The next thing I remembered was waking up to a nurse showing me a picture of me cut open and showing me the size of my tumor and how what I had was so unusual, how my ovary had twisted and was covered with blood that is why no one could see it when scanning my body. She also said no one knew how I made it because I lost so much blood and at the last minute they were able to get extra blood for me like a miracle she said. I knew the miracle had taken place when I meet my angel and she gave me a choice to come back. I always believed in angels and have always been connected to them since birth. But now my understanding of them and how they can help has reached to a different level. I am devoted to teaching others how incredible they truly are. I connect with my angels daily and can not image my life without them. If you want to read all about the experience and learn more about angels I channeled a book called  “ Dare to be Limitless when the Angels take  your hand‘ by Elsa Stokes. I can assure you, you will love this book not because I wrote it but because the Angels wrote it within three months now that alone is impressive. You too can connect with your divine angels and get all the answers to your questions. I have also created safe and loving place where you can receive deliverance Ministry . AngelsHotline.com and AngelHealingWings.com I send you warm love from my heart we also have a prayer line on our hotline for any and all prayers. Many blessing to you and your and make your every tomorrow as wonderful as you!


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